THE WELL TRAVELLED and those having lived abroad are enthusiastic and open to exploring new ideas and materials. 'Let it be a signature project' is often their only decree.

Contrast is the key
Our cultural heritage welcomes the guests with vermilion and saffron. The house featured here opens to a vibrant red travertine Italian marble in the lobby. A floating slim console conceals the footwear storage and houses an elegant floral display.

The clients were passionate about having the best home theatre with the latest and best audio and video equipment. An L shape veneer wall paneling that extends to the ceiling forms an elegant backdrop and creates a personal scale of space.

In this kind of design, contrasting walnut storage units add a touch of glamour. A key element here is ensuring that none of the ungainly wires are visible and that all systems are hooked up internally. A leather seven seater sofa and a recliner provide relaxed seating.

Light and Shadow
Light being an important element to create a positive space that rejuvenates and enriches our inner being; the design evolved around creating patterns of light. LED downlighters at strategic points are used to create interesting pools of light and shadow. Burma teak screens can create the element of mystery and interest; revealing and yet holding back; something that is culturally so deeply ingrained in the Indian psyche. False ceiling can be used minimally to highlight the spaces and retain the high ceiling.

Traditional with Tuscan
The fusion of Italian and Indian concepts creates a dramatic and unusual allure. The puja area has an interpretation of the traditional concept of Navagraha or nine squares. The red Italian marble backdrop with soft lighting forms the abode of the multifaceted Gods. Raised walnut wooden flooring instead of the all pervading Italian marble forms exudes warmth. An extensive book collection elegantly housed in this space along with a fully enabled walnut finish study table, is another must in contemporary urban homes. The materials and the detailing are deliberately kept subtle and simple within the library coffee finish contrasting with the rich walnut of the study area.

A duct here, a column there, carefully concealed behind panels create a free flowing space to soothe the senses. A well equipped onyx bar completes the setting for a perfect evening with family and friends. The soft glow of the onyx marble mellows the senses.
Times of India

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Transformed by Design
Architect Bindu Narayan creates that personal
retreat with a blend of the Indian and
contemporary elements