Core Team

Bindu Narayan- Senior Architect
A graduate from School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad, Bindu has over 16 years of experience in architecture. She has excellent conceptualization and design skills. She firmly believes in creative design solutions that are humanistic and people centric and in parallel provide high value addition to the client, while contributing positively to the built environment. Bindu is increasingly of the belief that exploring sustainable design solutions that support Life, is the way forward.

Ravi Mani - LEED AP
Ravi is a certified LEED accreditor. He graduated from IIT, Madras and then did his MSc in Environmental Science from University of Wales, UK and USGBC LEED AP certification. He has been consulting on providing energy efficient building design, renewable energy solutions and carbon finance for the past five years.

SE Ashoka, Senior Civil and Structural Engineer
Ashoka has over 23 years of experience designing and detailing large scale industrial, residential and commercial structures. He has excellent experience working on projects across the world and in India. Designing efficient structures with intelligent and innovative thinking is his forte.

"Great Design unlocks the potential dormant in buildings to create effective spaces that increase value and contribute positively to the Environment".

Creating places that inspire requires a fresh and open approach that is simultaneously pragmatic and visionary. Coordinates has this approach.

We believe that talking, listening, understanding needs combined with creative problem solving delivers the most appropriate and successful places that fulfill your aspirations and match your budget.

Care for the future - Together with our clients we endeavor to design sustainable green work places, giving our planet the care and respect that is its due.