IPSA Students Raise Awareness on Environmental Issues

April 10, 2013

IPSA Students Raise Awareness on Environmental Issues Recently, on March 31st 2013, students of IPSA (IndubhaiParekh School of Architecture) took part in a noble event as they assembled at A S Choudhary High School premises, Rajkot, to paint the walls with satirical cartoons, and slogans on environmental issues.

This noble event was organized by the architecture students of IPSA to create general awareness among the common public on several major environmental concerns, including water crises, global warming, and industrial pollution. The slogans and satirical cartoons on common environmental concerns were conceptualized by the IPSA students themselves.

More than forty-five architecture students from the IPSA students council painted 9 attractive paintings, which covered almost 1,100 Sq.-feet of the High School wall. They had even invited students from all the other departments to take part in this noble cause for creating environmental awareness.

They described this exercise as an immediate call to prevent further abuse of our natural resources, and meddling of the ecological system. They said that this urgent call has to be taken immediately to save, and preserve natural resources.

We would hope that more and more architectural institutions would come up with such noble events which can provoke younger generation to respond, and take proactive measures to save our nature, and keep environmental issues under control.

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