How to find a Residential Architect in Bangalore?

July 05, 2013

Finding the right architect is very important when it comes to building a new residential or commercial property in Bangalore or in any other city for that matter, as it directly influences the overall construction costs, and quality of the built space.

Just by looking at a house, it is easy for anyone to figure out whether it has been designed and constructed under the guidance of a professional architect or not. In other words, a professional architect will have that ability to make a building to communicate his/her own unique creative design skills, superior detailing and appearance.

Villa Plan sketched by Coordinates

In cities like Bangalore and other major metropolitan cities, people prefer to hire licensed architects and interior designers for planning and constructing their dream projects. In earlier days, building contractors with no knowledge of architecture and interior design were ruling the building design industry. But things have changed now, and nobody would want to waste their hard earned money on hiring an uneducated building contractor, and end up getting sub-standard building design by trying to bypass an architect.

3D Rendering of the Villa by Coordinates

In case you are about to construct a new residential property, and want to find out a reliable architecture firm that can serve your purpose, go through these useful tips to make the best choice.

Do a Web Search

World Wide Web is the best place to start your search for a reliable residential architect in your city. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. have become very intelligent (courtesy latest search engine algorithms) to give accurate details as expected by the users.

Browse through the internet to prepare a list of renowned architecture firms in your city, and compare each other watchfully to make the best decision.

Try to Get References

It is always advisable to get good references or testimonials from the previous clients before zeroing to an architecture firm and signing a contract. You can directly get in touch with all those individuals who have most recently got their residential property constructed in your locality.

By doing this exercise, you can obtain dual benefits - first thing is clear understanding about the work culture and reputation of the architecture firm, and secondly you can get to see a fine example of their architectural capabilities with your own eyes.

Don't miss to meet the Architect's Office Personally

Paying a visit to the architect's office personally helps you to assess the true ability of the architect and their team. The office planning and designing of a good architect will be obviously well-structured, and will have best of conditions both inside and outside. Suppose you find the overall shape of the architect's office to be inappropriate, you can start looking for other options.

Take Software Aid

With the advent of 3D software, the total number of design errors that could be caused during the construction process has been minimized drastically. Today, architects can provide a 3D rendering of all the projects that they work on to aid their clients to see how the final built spaces would look like even before initializing the construction activity.

This software aids both architects and property owners to make all the necessary changes and fine-tunings before starting with the construction process. Hence, it is advisable to select only those architects who are accustomed to offer this advanced service.

Check Legal Requirements

The architect that you are going to hire for constructing your dream project should be licensed to offer architectural design services in your city. So, before signing the contract check whether the architect is a licensed professional or not and also don't miss to inspect the validity of the license.

If you take proper care to look into all the above discussed parameters while hiring your residential architect in Bangalore, you can certainly hire the best architect to realize your much-awaited project.

Team Coordinates

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