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May 17, 2013

Having a well-established corporate image is extremely important these days as it helps all kinds of business firms to stay in contention with their key competitors.

There are many aspects that seem vital while building a strong corporate image, which includes skilful workforce, well-structured workplace, strong management etc. Corporate architecture design is something that has drawn attraction of most of the big corporates today.

Commercial RefurbishmentSome of the newest corporate building designs are simply extraordinary, and the overall beauty is seemingly matched by the architecture efficiency. The common scene of rows of square desks in the corporate offices has long gone, and corporates have started to refurnish their workplaces to ignite that spark towards work in their personnel.

London Office Refurbishment Designs

The latest in the field of corporate architecture design is those designs that are originated from London, featuring some truly exciting curves, colours, and public spaces. In earlier days, corporate firms used to have many rows of square desks which would make employees to feel isolated inside the same room.

London OfficeRefurbishmentThese new office refurbishment designs are inclusively aimed at saving space, and creating a workplace that is more inviting and pleasing. Circular, curved, and communal are the three major office design styles used in this new office refurbishment design. The designs include large-sized oval or round shaped tables that could be occupied by 3, 4 or 6 employees.

Colored glass partitions are used to separate different working areas within the same room. The colours are noticeably bright; however used cautiously with a lot of white and black. Only light wood components are used to carry out final finishing, which makes working place more comfortable. Pale wood tops, and free form curves are utilized to design the executive offices.

Other Latest Office Designs

Lawoffice InteriorToday, there are many credible architecture and interior design firms that offer several new trendy office refurbishment designs that could present an all-new compelling appearance to workplaces that seemed boring once. There are designs that include tables that are designed similar to clovers. In those office designs, usually 3 ultra-modern chairs are positioned in an indented space in the large round working area, and facilitate spacious workspaces on either side.

The latest round workspace works out really well with computer monitors placed in the middle, then keyboards, which presents ample space for writing on both sides.

LawofficeReception and conference spaces offer excellent scope for Corporate branding and here the material palette can be made exciting by use of varied finishes like colored glass, exotic veneers, metallic textures.

In general, most of the modern office designs are colourful, and aim to connect separated working personnel, save workplace, and design a more enjoyable work environment. The new office designs increases space, effectively uses wall spaces for storage purposes, and keeps employees involved in their works in an interactive working environment, which in turn increases the overall productivity of the business firm.

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