Building Design Shifts worth following in 2013

April 10, 2013

Standing at the crossroads of increasing environmental & climatic change on one side and more and more demanding lifestyles on another, how does one ensure that the built environment responds proactively to all these factors?

Not any easy task by any stretch of imagination, but don't they say that nothing worthwhile is achieved by going easy.

A few parameters which will be the driving force in building and architecture design would be -


As a practising architect, I know that as a profession and as a society we cannot anymore avoid taking the road not often taken, i.e. balancing between the living and the non-living component in architectural design.

The purpose of all architecture and built forms remains, to shelter and provide relief to the human beings within.

However, we need to add the extra dimension of co-existence, creating a balance with the other living beings as well - the trees, the birds, the squirrels...

Concreting driveways and putting stretches of glass when not required is lack of adequate thought, simple commercialism and taking the easy way out. But at what cost? Cost of hotter summers with dwindling water and power. None of us can be delinked from the environment around us and it's time to stop thinking of ourselves in isolation and instead as a part that impacts the larger whole.

So the trend worth emulating for all of us is adding GREEN, the more the 'cooler' we all will be for it...


With all the stress that we are creating for ourselves with our hectic living; the need of the hour is highly creative spaces that rejuvenate and enrich us, restoring our energies in a shorter span of time. And this is where good design comes in. Bringing forth creativity, a 'fresh approach' is the key to Life affirming design spaces at work, leisure and home.


Colour will continue to be important driver, as we as a society are now more open to experimenting and exploring with colour in our clothes, food, everywhere. Colour adds vibrancy to any space and can be effectively used to create emotions and positive spaces influencing people.


The way forward is to reduce the energy & material by being sensible about how much to consume and how much is optimal. With a growing strain on resources and materials, it's imperative for us to be sensitive and judicious in our use and application of same. E F Schumacher gave us "Small is Beautiful", I would like to add "Optimal is Beautiful as well".

The challenge as an architect and designer I look forward to is creating spaces that offer more for less. More experience, more values, more beauty... Less consumption, less energy, less in the face...

At Coordinates, reliable architects and interior designers in Bangalore, we endeavour to put into practice, all these trends in our upcoming architecture design projects.

Team Coordinates

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