Architecture Students from SPAV Think Out-of-the-Box

May 29, 2013

The field of Architecture is not just about creating modern building designs and model townships, but it is something more that has direct connection with the way in which people love to lead their lives. A final year student from SPAV (School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada), Anirban Jyoti Baruah, has given this explanation when he was told to express his views on architecture.

Anirban aspired to turn into a civil engineer after successfully passing his AIEEE exams, but dared into the field of architecture and fell in sheer love with the discipline, as he firmly trusts that the architecture field is not just ancient by nature but holds a direct connection to the lifestyle of human beings. What is more interesting is that all the sixty-eight final year (5th) students of SPAV look to have the same opinion on the subject.

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The young and dynamic architects who are all set to pass out from the college within few days, demonstrated their final year theses on May 23rd 2013 Thursday for external evaluation at the college campus. All students looked really excited to showcase their final year projects, which they have designed by implementing all the knowledge and skills they obtained during the course of their B.Arch. degree.

One of the students has been quite successful in conceptualizing and designing a model to showcase a "floating resort" built on the Arabian Sea. Chunnu explained that it is a resort that floats at the centre of the Arabian Sea, and is produced to absorb the roll as well as pitch of the sea. Similarly the other students have showcased their own unique ideas in the form of their projects.

Another student has designed a model named "mini Assam", which could be easily replicated on a fifty-acre plot and can serve as the state's cultural hub, as said by him. A student named K. Dharanidharan has designed a "Transegrity FIFA" football ground, and explained that it can be utilized to make the famous Salt Lake football stadium located at the Kolkata city more people-friendly.

Likewise another student called Manjunath has remodelled the out-dated Jayanagar Market located in the Bangalore City to make it much more people-centric than present; however without compromising any of its previous character.

Harimohan Pillai, a board member and a senior architect, said that the SPAV's first batch of B.Arch. students has excelled to perform beyond the college expectation, and they have placed high standards for their juniors. Jeysudhean, ex-chief architect of CPWD; Sumit Ghosh, a senior architect; and Balbir Verma, architect and member of the SPAV's broad of governors, were the other external judges present at the college.

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